Evaluate. Engage. Execute. Emerge.

Emerge Professional is a search and staffing firm dedicated to identifying and retaining top talent.  Our strategic approach has proven to raise talent levels in your organization. We objectively evaluate both position and candidate, engage to understand your unique culture and candidate fit, and execute a recruiting plan specific to your job opening and company.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Emerge Professional has quickly risen as a key provider of talent and retention solutions in the following practice areas:

  • Corporate: Accounting, Finance, Administration, Human Resources
  • Customer: Call Center, Sales, Healthcare Revenue

Our Services


Our recruiters evaluate candidates constantly to ensure we have candidates with the skills you need when you need them.  Whether you are looking to add a short-term expert, provide coverage, extend your team’s resources or free up key personnel for a project, we will provide flexible resources fast.


Make your next hire with confidence. With our temp-to-hire services, you can evaluate a new employee on the job before committing to a full-time hiring decision.

Direct Placement

Our strategic approach is dedicated to surfacing only the top candidates that fit your organization.  We use objective and subjective evaluation of both the position and the candidate to ensure you hire talent that will help your organization rise above the rest!

As your recruiting partner, Emerge Professional will apply our strategic approach with each individual position:

  • Evaluate: We identify critical metrics to ensure candidates can perform the job
  • Engage: We get to know your culture to understand the best possible fit
  • Execute: We create a tailored recruiting plan using traditional and modern recruiting methods
  • Emerge: By evaluating candidate performance against critical metrics, understanding the candidates that thrive in your company, and leveraging a specific plan tailored to your need, our process ensures the talent you hire will rise above the rest!

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