Find a Career in Accounting

Experienced accountants are always in demand. Whether you’re a CPA, an audit specialist, a bookkeeper, a tax attorney, or a comptroller, you have a wide variety of career options in both public and private institutions. Looking to change your role or find a new position? Emerge is here for you. As one of the top accountant staffing agencies in Denver, Colorado, our team has over 30 years of combined recruiting experience, so we can help find you the perfect match.

Working with an Accounting Recruiter

Many employers turn to recruitment to simplify the process of acquiring new talent, and to sift through applicants to find top candidates. By using a recruiter, they can save time, energy, and money as they go through the hiring process.

And that’s why so many job candidates turn to an experienced accountant staffing agency such as Emerge for help finding new work. We offer an end-to-end employment support process for all applicants, helping job seekers find jobs and connect with companies for both temporary work and full-time employment.

With the help of Emerge, you can avoid spending time applying to companies only to hear no response – we work closely with you to contact top-rated employers, identify job opportunities in accounting that fit your skills and background and connect you with organizations that can benefit from your expertise.

Emerge has a national presence, and places workers in a wide variety of fields, including accounting and CPA placement. We can work with you to find you a new career and new opportunities and support you throughout the entire hiring process.

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Businesses looking for professional, experienced, and readily available talent can benefit from our timely and professional staffing services, while individuals looking for a change in career can explore opportunities in a wide variety of accounting specialties.

Either way, Emerge is here to help. Our recruiters specialize in accounting placement and work with individuals at all career levels, from entry-level workers to executive-level accounting professionals. Contact our accountant staffing agency online to learn more and get started.