Why Choose Emerge?

We work hard.
The most valuable recruiters work hard to build relationships that are mutually beneficial.  Whether you are a hiring manager in desperate need to raise talent in your department, a human resources leader looking to make an impact in hiring, or a candidate looking to find a company that fits your skills and personality, you need a partner that understands you, not just the job requirements.

We have fun.
Recruiting always has been and always will be a personal business.  We enjoy getting to know our candidates and our clients, so connecting talent becomes much more than just filling a job.

We find great people!
Our recruiters utilize relational and creative approaches to ensure your hiring teams see candidates that are excited for a new challenge and the best of the passive candidate market.  Whether leveraging direct sourcing methods, referral networks, technology, or social media, we use all tools at our disposal to e best in talent in the market!